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Pieter Bonthuyzen

I am a self-published Afrikaans author and published four novels since 2017.

Through my writing, I aim to bring a message of hope to my readers. Making a difference in the lives of others is my purpose and life goal.



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Photography & Wall Art

My photography journey is new and kicked off in 2021. I have an interest in fine arts photography, botanicals, seascapes, and flowers. I still want to establish myself in cinematic photography and creative portraits.

My photography is based on the creation of images that will be suitable for wall art and canvases. With that in mind, I take photos that will be welcomed in homes, offices, and guesthouses.

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Short Films

I love telling stories and making stories come visually alive is satisfying and rewarding. The creative process of filmmaking is so inspiring, and I know that I can reach so many people through film. 

As a writer, creative, director and short film producer, I live my passion for storytelling and by doing this, I follow my heart and fulfill my purpose.

Agter toe deure , an anti-bullying short film released in June 2019.

  • More than 50 000 You Tube views
  • Showcase on JouAfrikaans (JA) Online Streaming App

W E G, a short film about kidnapping and human trafficking released in December 2020

  • More than 22 000 You Tube views
  • Showcase on JouAfrikaans (JA) Online Streaming App