At Bonti & Co, we love to make great products that appeal to men… (And something for the girls too)

At Bonti & Co, we love making cool things… like beard oils and pre-shave oils.

Our passion and commitment can be experienced in our hand-crafted products, designed to make life easier for our clients. Whether you are a wet shaver who likes to show off your clean, smoothly shaven face or the guy who passionately cultivates a strong, healthy and luscious beard, we’ve got you covered. Our range of good quality, natural grooming oils will support you all the way. 

We even have the ladies covered too. Whether you are a guy or a girl, we all have to take up the razor sometimes. You get the guys who likes a clean shave. The bearded ones need to clean up around the edges. And the ladies… well summer is around the corner and shaving those legs often comes with some irritating challenges.

At Bonti & Co, we understand the frustration and irritations of razor burn, razor bumps, skin rashes and ingrown hair. No matter what gender, we all suffer from one or some, of these frustrating conditions along the way. That is why we spent our time and effort in researching, formulating and producing products that will make shaving a little more…”nicer”.

Growing a beard also comes with challenges and irritation. There is the BIG ITCH. You suffer from an irritated, dry skin, ingrown hair and an unmanageable beard with fly-away beard hair and bearddruff. 

That is why we created these amazing grooming oils…to make life easier.

We’ve  spent many days, weeks and hours researching and formulating our products. Many experiments ended up down the drain, but eventually we did it. Grooming oils for the guys and the girls.

Quality is key. 

Did you know?

Each and every order that we get, is measured off to perfection, blended by hand, scented with passion and filled with pride. We blend only 50ml of product according to our secret formulations, making sure that the quality, consistency and fragrance are exactly the same…every time. No mass production, no guessing and no spillage. 

We are committed to:



 Pure Goodness. 

So, our range consists of three products:

Beard Oils

Pre-Shave Oils

Shaving Oil for her


Something for everyone. As we are moving forward, we will develop some extra goodies to extend our range. But for now, we want to focus on YOU. Getting to know you, helping you and sharing our passion with you. 

Trust goes both ways, and we would like to take that first step.



We also grow liquid gold.

Yes, we grow our own Calendula flowers on a small scale.  The Calendula flower, also known as the Pot Marigold, is a very versatile flower that boasts with loads of  benefits that loves and support the skin. The Calendula flower had been around for centuries and its medicinal and healing properties are endless.  From being anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, it also nourishes the skin and keeping it radiant and healthy.  There are many more benefits, but for now, we focus on the benefits above.

To ensure good quality, we’ve taken on the challenge to grow these golden yellow flowers in a natural and healthy way. No pesticides, growth boosters or fertilizers are used and every plant is take care of by hand. The flower heads and petals are used for our oil infusion.

(Calendula flowers in bloom – Pacific Beauty (Calendula Officinalis)

We wait for the flowers to develop properly and the complete flower heads are then harvested during the late morning. As soon as the morning dew dried of, we harvest  them to ensure that they are healthy and fresh. This also ensure that we maximize on all of the  amazing properties and benefits of these flowers. Flowers heads are air dried and once they are ready, we slowly infuse them into Sweet Almond Oil. This is a slow process whereby we extract the maximum properties and nutrients from the flower heads. The infused oil is then strained, filtered  and documented before it is added to our products. Thios infusion is used in the shaving oil for the ladies. We are also working on a formulation to incorporate Calendula Oil into the other products as well. Calendula Oil is just so good, we have to share it with you in our products.

Now that you know what we do, please take a look at our product range and try it out. 



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Our Products


Our Pre-Shave Oil is a unique blend of high quality carriers oils, designed to give you a smoother, closer and more comfortable shave.

As a pre-shave application, our pre-shave oils assists to ensure extra lubrication and, forms a protective layer between the skin and the razor blade and it softens the beard.

The oils used in our pre-shave oil supports the skin and helps to add extra moisture and nourishment.

With an amazing masculine scent of Sandalwood, makes this pre-shave oil a perfect choice for any wet shaver.

Softening the beard.
Add extra slip and lubrication.
Moisturize and nourish the skin.
Lifts hair up and away from the skin.
Reduces razor burn, razor bumps, skin rash and ingrown hair.
Great smell.

Sandalwood & Bergamot

Our Inniebos Beard Oil boasts with an outstanding formula of natural carriers oils, essential oils and Vitamin E.

Our unique formula was designed with absolute care and offer the bearded man and excellent product that performs extremely well.

Our Beard Oil formula is unique in the sense that it has an excellent viscosity, easy and quick absorption of the oils into the skin and beard and it doesn't leave an oily, sticky residue on your beard.

With an amazing scent of Sandalwood and Bergamot Essential Oils, makes this beard oil a front runner in the pack. It smells extremely good and it keeps your beard soft, healthy and manageable.

Supports healthy grow.
Moisturize and nourish the skin and beard.
Conditions the beard and keeps it manageable.
Smell great.
Tame fly-away hair.
Helps to reduce and control the beard itch, bearddruff and dryness.


We have the ladies covered as well...

Bonti & Co presents this amazing shaving oil for the ladies. It has a fantastic floral scent with a dash of Lemongrass and a pinch of Lavender.

Blended with quality, natural carrier oils, makes this oil safe to use. The skin loving oils in this blend will ensure that you can shave your legs and underarms with great ease and comfort.

Not only does this shaving oil loves to work hard, yet gentle on the skin, but it is also infused with natural Calendula Oil that host a number of excellent skin benefits. Its anti-inflammatory and skin healing properties, makes this shaving oil valuable and unique.

Enjoy the extra smooth shave as the razor blade glides effortlessly over your skin, leaving it soft, smooth and well moisturized.

Softening and preparing the skin and hair before shaving.
Adds extra slip and lubrication to skin.
Moisturize and nourish the skin.
Reduce the chances of nicks and cuts.
Helps prevent and control razor burn, razor bumps, skin rash and ingrown hair.
Smells great.
Calendula Oil has many skin loving properties ans benefits.